a visual music history lesson

Underground style. Charting of 100 years of music on the London Underground Map, with the correct branches and connections. Dowload the full map here. Via Culture Vulture.

Spanish Dim Sum Dinner

A wonderful dinner was had last night in Belltown, in Seattle at Txori (pronounced CHO-ree) of an array of adventurous and delicious tapas. To assemble the perfect meal, we ordered sporadically while we ate totalling about 6 or 7 little plates along with some signature drinks, red wine spiked with coca-cola/orange soda. The black blob on toast was the stuffed squid-ink-fried bread, looks weird when it arrived but ultimately proved to be very tasty.


The Battroid Valkyrie Macross, found at last! This is the EXACT SAME robot I owned as a kid. It was my favourite toy. Now it's in a museum?!! Kicking self for giving it away! It transforms into a Veritech fighter jet (Variable Engineering and Robotic Integration TECHnology), the GERWALK Mode (Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint), and in the Battroid mode pictured here. I want mine back!!! If you see it, you can tell it was mine because it has obvious scratch marks from hours of play and the right pop out wheel for the fighter jet is broken.

the 10 second timer

I use it a lot. I prop my little camera on things, this time, a plastic construction site barrier, hoping that it doesn't fall. The I run like mad, this time, all the way across W 1St Ave, to my spot, then wait for the shutter to go off. I love the colours of the rust and peeling paint in this one.
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