doug on show on Archinect

This is a "thing" that our firm showcased at the latest Interior Design Show in Toronto. It's a bench. To my surprise I came across a feature on Archinect, a blog site filled with what I called "architecture fluff" and those design types who are more theoretical than practical, who have all these fantastical fantasy ideas in their heads but if you ask them to draw you a wall section from foundation to parapet they become as useful as that dust collecting porcelain doll your aunt Betty gave you when you were six.
The comments from the article are what gets me. So what? Yes, it's been done before. I feel a wee bit miffed, one is because I believe the comments are true, but since I know we do MUCH BETTER work than that, I want to feel vindicated. This is by far, not the finest example of what we, or even Doug can pull off in 15 minutes. Furthermore, he looked awfully awkward and nervous in the video clip, which is so not like him. I feel like this was a spoof or something, or some evil Doug twin tying to bring us down.

fine feathered head friend

I saw this headband at Urban Outfitters a month or so ago and fell in love with it. I was in love with the feathers at just the right amount for a dramatic but not too over the top look, but what I wasn't in love with was the price. At $28 I thought it was a little steep. After all it was just some feathers glued to a headband. I put it back thinking, oh well, it's not something I need and walked away. But for the entire week after that said headband encounter, I couldn't get over how much I loved that headband and how great it would be to have it. So to avoid over spending, I booted myself down to the dollar store, picked up some headbands (five for $1), and a bag of feathers (also $1, enough to make about 30 headbands), and spent about 15 minutes with a glue gun and my new materials to assembled this:

Now I can sleep at night.

calligraphy and hockey

It's an odd combo, I know. But it was only game 2 in the first round of playoffs and I wasn't really feeling a hockey-watching mood so I had the game on in the background while practicing my penwomenship. After a couple of sheets of lettering, hockey seeped in some how and eventually the subject of my calligraphy became the Canucks team roster.

Ego in the works

My Lowel Ego light is coming soon! Sweet! Just in time for some spring cupcake photos. I've been itching to make cake.

Hatch Show Print

I went to see an exhibit from Hatch Show Print at the EMP. It was great to see traditional block printing still alive. The print shop was established in 1879 and still uses the same methods of block setting and printing by hand. They still use the same wooden blocks from way back then and refuse to add new typefaces. I was especially attached to the Airstream prints. I love those rounded shiny silver coasters.

Invisible Creature

Invisible Creature is the name behind some talented, Grammy nominated graphic guys who are, as they've described themselves, God-fearing mama's boys. I got to know them a little more after reading their interview on grain edit. I especially love the photos of their studio.

in disguise

It's a dining table, but oh wait, it's a pool table... ...nope, it's both! Nice. Full product line from Fusiontables.

how I adore paper flowers

I actually imagined this in my head last year for Christmas decor, just massive monochromatic paper poinsettias splattered on my walls. Well some creative genius thought of it too because below is the incredible display of paper flowers from a Chanel runway show. So many massive blooms, so much white paper, so gorgeous. I'm just a little dissapointed that I wasn't the person behind it.

shopping in the sky

When you are sitting on a plane, you better have ways to entertain yourself. One source of entertainment is the SkyMall catalog. Here are a few finds that perhaps I can live without.

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