giant birthday cake

At the 2nd Annual Debutante Ball for Andrew's birthday. I made a giant strawberry cake. This may be the last W.A.C. Mansion B-Day Party, unless Walt continues to dwell there.

poured buttercream icing

Kids are not down with eating fondant, actually, adults too. It looks great but tastes kind of terrible - like eating sugar play dough. Not that I have consumed play dough but I imagine that the texture is about the same. I still wanted a smooth look to the cake so I came up with this poured buttercream icing. It about the consistency of ganache but it's a buttercream so it stays soft. Piper wanted to keep the sock monkey, so I propped him up on some pink straws above the sticky icing.

Here's Pipey loving her cake, and jumping on the trampoline with Shea waiting for all her other friends to arrive to the birthday slumber-less party. Slumber-less because apparently, all the girls stayed up for the whole night last year. Which resulted in one of the girls not being allowed to sleep over this year because she has her annual dance recital the very next day. According to my sources, she was a wreck at the same annual dance recital the previous year. I'm just imagining it in my head now, a 10 year old flopping around in her dance costume with droopy eyelids and eventually falling asleep on stage.

cutest babies

Andrew and I had a long discussion last night about what we think is the cutest baby animal. He said baby tiger, among many others. I went with baby hedgehog. Here's why:

How can they turn down something like this?

missing the Galapagos

Watching Sharkwater last night made me miss the Galapagos. I must return! A few photos from my trip in 2007.


Your mission is to go watch this documentary. Free screenings from now to the end of June in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

THE dress

Unfortunately, I can't post a full photo of my wedding dress right now because Andrew reads this blog and he doesn't want to see it. So for those of you who are curious, there's a sneak peak of what I will be clothed in below. How this dress made it to my closet before the official engagement is worth sharing. (Yes, I bought a wedding dress before we got engaged, but I knew it was coming because we were designing our rings already.) I found a formal/wedding liquidation store when I was out shopping for groceries and went in to take a look. To my surprise, they have many wedding dresses from bridal stores that are one offs or samples all at 75% off. I wasn't planning on picking out a dress at the time but any girl will agree, you can't just walk out of there without taking a look. I saw the circles on the Venice lace fabric of this particular dress and fell in love with it, it was my size, the only one, so I tried it on. The dress originally came from a bridal salon that went out of business. The original price tag was $3100. The sales lady was willing to sell it for $425. I decided to put it on hold to 'sleep on it' since I had not even thought of looking for a gown before this. The next week I went back to the store with some girl friends and decided that this is it - the one dress that I try on. I bargained some more and eventually got it for $350. I knew that if I didn't pick it up then I would have a very difficult time finding something so unique at such a bargain price, especially if we were planning a wedding within a three month period.

suit... check!

Banana Republic Monogram grey box-plaid Suit. Slim fit, very nicely tailored, hence, no extra tailoring required. (One less item on the to-do list.) We didn't get the vest though, perhaps we should... Now all we have to do is find a shirt, tie, pocket square, cuff links, socks, shoes, wedding band, and we are done! (BTW, guy in the picture is not my fiance. =P )

Sock Monkey comes alive

Birthday cake topper for Piper, who is turning 12. More photos to come once I'm finished the cake. Yet, I can't help sharing these photos, I especially enjoy the limb-less sock monkey. I think it would be funny to have mini limb-less sock monkeys all around the cake. But I'm not sure if Piper and her friends will go for that kind of humour.

In Progress some more

Found the perfect yellow card stock for the backing, now sewing them together...

In Progress

Finally, here's something from my list of to-dos for the big day: in progress invites. We made envelopes out of pages from a map book that I picked up at a library book sale for $2. I hand sketched the invites and printed them on Mylar. Still need to stitch them onto yellow card stock backing on the sewing machine before packaging them up with calligraphy. And yes, as per my previous post, we will be sending one to the white house. Haven't decided on Stephen Harper yet, but for sure, we want Barack and Michelle.

LEGO Castle 4

What Andrew made with his garage sale Harry Potter LEGO snag.

baby love

I was visiting some of my favourite people this weekend in Toronto, and that list of favourite people have just increased by one. His name is Joshua. How can you not add him to your list of favourite with a face like that? Congratulations to my best girl Karen, and her hubby Kelvin.

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