crossing off a few things

get marriage certificate
find tie for Andrew
make pocket square
make bouquets
make corsages
make boutonnieres
make sign girls signs
make table numbers
make escort cards
make paper flower (X100)
make seating chart
make personalized post cards for guest book
complain to the Shangri-La General Manager of North America
select music for the ceremony
design and print thank you cards
send out thank you cards for engagement party
purchase wedding favours (adults)
purchase wedding favours (kids)
finalize rehearsal date and time
design, make and deliver my own wedding cake
decorate the church
decorate the reception
decorate myself
get married

LEGOvideo Freaks

1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them.

my new shoes

John Fluevog Blind Faith Alyssa. On the bottom sole of my shoes it says: Blind Faith - you need it to see where you are going. So perfect since that's exactly what I need to work on.

Fun finds on the Fluevog site:
Q: Are John Fluevog Angels really Satan resistant?
A: You're wearing Angels right now, right? Look around - do you see him?
Q: Does John really have the same birthday as Barbra Streisand? Sorry - I mean, does Barbra Streisand really have the same birthday as John? Sorry.
A: Yes, it's true - they're star mates. Brian Eno, too. And somebody else we can't remember right now. (ME!!! I have the same birthday as Barbra Streisand!)
Q: Does John actually design all the shoes?
A: Most of what you see are John's own original designs. Sometimes, however, they come to him in dreams, so the design credit technically goes to God. In some cases, there is a celestial music and new designs float into the design office on little fairy wings. In other cases, John leaves work very late at night, returning the next morning to find brilliant new shoe designs waiting, with no trace of authorship. As you can understand, the only explanation possible is that God is responsible for the latter two methods, whether directly or through elvin delegation. So, here at John Fluevog Shoes, we officially have two designers: John and God. Sometimes they fight over who's head designer.

Holly and Justin

That's Holly Chow, my friend, and Justin Lukach (not my friend but he could be) of Justin and Scott from Departures. She is a huge fan of the show and when her and her husband, Caeleb, were visiting me in Vancouver a couple weeks ago she caught him at Winners (Robson and Granville) picking out shirts, see them in his right hand. She had a semi-long chat with him about I don't remember what. There have been numerous minor celeb sitings this summer: Me and Joshua Jackson, Andrew and Brent Butt, Meighan and Shannon Tweede... ... all minor but good times.

sign and flower

Sneak peek of the signs for the "Sign Girls" and crepe paper flower bouquets.

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