wedding photos trapped

My Macbook is unconscious. Totally unresponsive. Don't know what is the cause of this illness but I will have to take it into the Genius Bar at the Apple Store for a proper diagnosis and treatment. That's fine with me because I won't be touching it for three weeks anyway, yet it's also not fine because all of the wedding photos from my father's camera (good photos) are all trapped in there!!! I was hoping that some would get to see the light on other people's monitors before the big trip but I guess not. Patience.

The above is a self portrait from when we were walking out of the church. Andrew had the little camera in his pocket and whipped it out when we were exiting.

Because I'm a little busy right now

getting myself married and such, it's gonna be pretty quiet around here. I will be sure to update you whenever I can. Check ya later!
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