Wedding Food

In conjunction to our wedding in Vancouver, we also had a family affair in Hong Kong.  My parents had their wedding banquet and 30th wedding anniversary party in this very same restaurant, so when it came time to choose where to have ours, it was a no brainer.

Here's our 'guest book', traditional silk runner for guest to sign on.

 I wore my Mom's traditional embroidered wedding gown, called a "Qua", this is different from the Qipao that are more common in North America.  Andrew wore a giant boutonniere, it's very traditional but here it was more costume-y and my family found it funny to see Andrew with one.

There were well wishes from Grandma.

Much toasting.

And wedding gifts from the family.

This is the run down of what we ate.

Platter of appies, comprising of smoked duck breast, BBQ pork, jelly fish salad, fried tofu, fried tofu skin rolls, and cold marinated pork.

Duck feet and abalone

Assorted mollusks with sugar snap peas

Shrimp Taro Fritters

Squab soup with tiger paw.  No, not real tiger, they are mushrooms that look like tiger paws.  This course was supposed to be shark fin soup, but we were adamant on not serving shark fin at our wedding.  (Put this on your to do list:  Go see Sharkwater.)

One of the 'tiger paws'.

Steamed Fish

Veggies - pea shoots, dikon, mushrooms, black moss

Roasted Chicken

Pan fried buns stuffed with pork, mushrooms, veggies.  There was also fried rice and noodles, but I forgot to take a picture.  I think you know what they look like.

Chrysanthemum and Goji Berry Jellies


I barely made it to the Roasted Chicken.  Andrew, being the Asian one in the family, ate it all and loved it.  Needless to say we were all pretty stuffed by the end.


We wanted and adventure, and boy did we get an adventure.
We climbed Mt. Kinabalu.  It was rough going in the first bit.

The weather kept on changing as we were going up.

It took two days, climbing in the dark early in the morning on the second day so we can see the sun rise at the top of the mountain.

This was not your regular sit at a beach sipping umbrella drinks honeymoon.  Although there were beaches involved on Turtle Island, the only thing we soaked in was the wild life.

We found Nemo.

Got to witness a sea turtle lay her eggs on the beach in the middle of the night, and got to release some newly hatched baby sea turtles.

We also found monkeys and orangoutangs, all in the wild.

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