Now that Castle has no more IVs, we can bath him on our own.

little hand

We tried to move that little hand of his, but every time we pulled it away he just springs it back to where he has had it, awkwardly pushing his CPAP into his face.  Very funny reflexes baby.


Grandma and Grandpa came to visit from Victoria.

Castle was being extra super cute for them.


The nurses said we can have a little stuffed toy inside the Isolette for Castle.  We got a little puppy with big eyes and named him Turret.

We love having Turret.  Makes Castle look more like a baby rather than an other clinical case.

Here's daddy changing his first diaper.

Daddy took so long to do it, Castle was spent afterwards.

Castle's fingers are so teeny.  Here he is shhhh-ing while other babies cried in the background.

so tiny

What a great feeling, we got to hold our baby.

There is a baby in there somewhere.

He has a super small soother.

He flashed us a smile.


Dear baby, your jaundice will go away soon, enjoy your cozy tanning bed.

 This is our home for the next little while.  So many wires, tubes, beeping and bing bong noises.

BB Leggs

BB Leggs decided to show up 10 weeks early, without warning.  It was a super fast labour as I didn't even know I was in labour.

By the time I got to the hospital, I was already 9 cm dilated and ready to push.  Happy Birth Day CASTLE, my 3lbs 2oz baby boy.

We love you so much and can't wait to see you grow.  He will be at the hospital in NICU until he is big enough to come home.
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