He's Home!

Castle came home today!  After 2 months of being in the hospital, the day is finally here.

We are so happy to have him in our arms, in the living room, in his bassinet, on the changing table...

THANK YOU so much nurses and doctors for taking such good care of him.  We love you all.

cold sore

Daddy got a cold sore, so he couldn't go into NICU because it is very dangerous for preemies.  His cold sore finally healed and he was able to go see Castle again after a few days of watching from behind the glass.

 It was a grand reunion.


Castle has been making all sorts of faces.  All the other babies just eat and sleep, but not this guy.

I love bath time

I love bath time.  Castle loves bath time.  We all love bath time.

It's the only time we get to feel like real parents in NICU.

We get to take care of him, hold him, touch him, wash him, change him.  We have lots of fun and Castle loves to splash around.  Here's his little mohawk.  He had the rest of his hair shaved from having IVs in his head.  IVs in head sounds odd, but it is just like getting an IV anywhere else.  It is actually better for preemies because the blood vessels are larger there, and they fling around their limbs so much the IVs have a hard time staying in place.

Dining Out: La Brasserie

We have walked by La Brasserie many times saying, we should go there for dinner sometime.  Well that sometime has finally come.  We took a break from being at the hospital with Castle and had some much needed time away.

It was a sunny evening and we sat by the window, that is a very good thing for someone who likes to take pictures of their food.  We started with complimentary rillettes - kind of like a pate.  It was good but I didn't want to fill up too much on bread, because I wanted dessert.

Then there was the pork cheeks - so tender and tasty.  I highly recommend this one.

The Salmon was excellent also.

And for dessert, my favourite - lemon tart.  

Thanks La Brasserie, we'll be back to sample your other French/German bistro staples.

moving day

Castle was moved back to the hospital downtown today where he was born, much closer to Mommy and Daddy.  All this time he's been at a hospital 45 minute drive away.  This will make my life much easier, because he is starting to learn how to eat.

He was a very good boy and slept all the way in the ambulance ride.

When we were going through the halls of the hospitals, people stopped and stared with such shock, sadness and pity.  I wish I had time to stop and tell them, don't worry, he's a perfectly healthy little boy.  He just needs to grow.

my little bundle

Dear Baby, it is so very hard to go home everyday without you.  I look forward to our daily cuddles.  See you tomorrow.  kisses.

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