I rocked Castle in his car seat with my left foot while peddling the sewing machine with my right foot for this costume.

I made a pattern for the hat following Castle's pilot cap.  I lined it with freezer paper for stiffness and fleece for warmth.  It's kind of chilly in wet rainy Vancouver. I used freezer paper because, well, I was tired. I didn't want to go out to buy interfacing. He's only going to wear this once, so I thought, why not? I can iron the freezer paper right onto fabric.

His robe is made of fleece and I used his house coat as a pattern. Fleece is so great for costumes, I didn't even hem any of it because it doesn't fray. When one is a sleep deprived person, one looks for short cuts to make life easier.

He held the light saber all on his own and waved it around.

play date

It was more like a nap date.  The boys were all born around the same time.  I predict that these three musketeers are going to love and fight like best friends do as they grow up together.  Can't wait.

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