More Christmas

We had more Christmas in Victoria.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for all the yummy food, presents, and cuddles.  

Castle was, naturally, the star of it all.  There was a party in the bathroom when Castle had his bath.  Nothing cuter than a baby splashing around in bubbles.  Auntie Amanda was excited to hold him.  But for some reason Castle started to pout every time she picked him up.  Sorry Auntie Amanda.  Here are some of the rare moments of the two of them being best buds.

We took Auntie Amanda to Seattle for her birthday to see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Pacific Science Centre.  Here we are taking the ferry into downtown Seattle.

We almost didn't get in because it was so busy.  Thank goodness we did, because the exhibit was fantastic.

Merry Christmas

Our first Christmas with the three of us in Vancouver.  We went to church last night and had a mini turkey dinner afterwards.  Castle got a mini football (the real kind).  We had fun opening presents, eating pancakes, and watching the Disney Christmas parade.  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tree

This is our other Christmas Tree.  It's just as nice of a tree as the other one.

Early Christmas

We had an early Christmas with Kung Kung and Po Po (Cantonese for Grandpa and Grandma) in Toronto.  It was Castle's first plane ride.

He did very well, eating and sleeping through the 4.5 hour journey.  We love the bassinet that we requested, we could relax and watch movies while he slept.  This is a good trial run for our big trip coming up to Asia.

We met Sayuri.  My good friend Jen's daughter, who is around the same age as Castle.  Look at that head of hair and lovely cheeks!

We went shopping and visited the Ontario Science Centre.

We did lots of lounging around, and celebrated my Mom's 60th Birthday.  She does not look a day over 39 in my opinion.

Helene and Roy

Dear Helene and Roy, you are married! We are so happy for you, a perfect match made in 'heaven'.  Your wedding was super fun and Andrew loved the candy bar.  Thank you for including us and it was an honour to make your mini cake!  We wish you all the best.

And to Christine and Michelle, thank you for all of your help and babysitting Castle.  Couldn't have done it without you!!!
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