We made a little jaunt into the US over the weekend and as we were waiting to cross the border I notice something really peculiar. What IS that? No really, what is it??!

It looked like a floating cloud of black air with a rectangle cut out in the middle. What? How? Huh? Weird.

 Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos because, well, we were crossing the border. And the sculpture was placed right beside the border crossing, where we can't simply stop the car and 'go hang out'.

However, I did find all of the photos below here.

It's a bilboard to advertise clean air by Lead Pencil Studio. How fitting because everyone is idling for the entire time they are waiting to cross the border.

It was even cooler looking up close as we drove past. It's made up of a crazy amount of really fine sticks.
This by far one of the best sculptures I've ever come across, for it's visual impact and for what it represents.

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