Dining Out: Burgoo

Burgoo may very well be one of a few restaurants that gets more business in the cold dark Vancouver winter than in the summer.
This is the place to come for a satisfying soup & sandwich meal. Their whole menu is comfort food, the rich hearty stuff. We were looking for a warm-up after a morning of hiking in the brisk air. 
Castle even had his own half bowl of butternut squash soup. It was heavy on the ginger, super zingy and very spicy. To our surprise he ate it anyway.
We had the crab bisque, loaded with crab, and the clam chowder, loaded with clams. The sandwiches were super stuffed. Chicken, cucumber, apple, and brie, a great combo. The grilled cheese with chorizo and red pepper was melty and oozy, they were heavy on the butter on the outside. We were so stuffed from this lunch, we ended up just having Cheerios for dinner that evening. It was serious gut sticking food for comfort.

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