Chinese-d English

I was going through some photos from our trip earlier this year to Eastern China, just thought I'd share.

First up, cute owl bags I found at a market.

Next up, writings on a wall in a village. I can't really figure out what it says. (Should have stayed in Chinese school.)

Do you ever wonder if people in China actually use all the products that's made in China for the rest of the world? Here's your proof. That PlasmaCar looks SO out of place. I mean, look at the brooms they are using. Tiny village in the middle of no where in China ... ... oh look! A PlasmaCar.

Finally, we have Chinese-d English, my favourite. Being Chinese myself I find this stuff very comical. And no, you are not going to offend me if you laugh.

Here are some recycling bins, em... trash can, we tried, we really did.

Coming up, more signs. All of these ones are on top of Yellow Mountain, high tourist activity, so we really tried our best. We the Chinese are into poetic phrases and sayings, unfortunately they sound a little awkward in English.

And last but not least, one of our favourites from the trip.

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