Christmas Carol Garland

Keeping up with the sans red and green Christmas theme...
A Christmas Carol Garland for the little white flocked tree.

This is a mini version of the garlands from my 30th birthday party.
Those are cut out letters taped onto fishing line. We have an abundance of yellow card stock, left over from our wedding invites. Good thing I LOVE yellow.

Here's how to make a mini version, with a tab, so it looks better close up, without seeing tape at the top.

Cut card stock to the height of the letters you want, plus a little bit more to form the tabs at the top, score and fold the tab. This is how you keep your letters the same height.

I like to cut my letters free hand, but you can also drawn on your letters first.
Or, if you are not confident with your typography skills, use the whole sheet of card stock to print letters on with your computer, or use your fancy personal cutting machine.

I don't have a fancy cutting machine, so by hand it is. Makes it look more rustic. :P

Joy to the World... ...

Glue letters to string.

Fold tab over string as you glue.

It's not that hard but if you are going to do a whole carol it may take a while.

I only did three lines of the carol.

Now every time I look at the tree, I think of Joy to the World, it's a grand Christmas carol, I love the first three lines, it is truly what Christmas is all about.

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