Circle Scarf

The circle scarf is complete. I think I'll stick with this simple level of knitting for now, because I tend to get distracted, especially when watching TV, which meant many oopsies ensued.

I did learn how to fix the oopsies, good thing. I'm now trying out different ways to wear the scarf.

I think I like this one, all twisted up. Gonna make more of them as Christmas presents.

I'll start tomorrow, as today there's more than one baby to nurse. It's germ city around here.

Yet the other baby is being extra energetic.

This is what a home with a kid really looks like. You know those design blogs with photos of pristine, everything put away, uber organized spotless rooms? Those don't exist, there's no such thing. They are an illusion. Okay, maybe for 30 seconds, immediately after a tidy up. 

And is it weird that I love the ultra soft swirl on the top of his head so much?

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