DIY Christmas Ornament Inspirations

We went to check out the Christmas trees on display inside the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC. There were so many of them, room after room. The hotel itself is incredible. Details details details...

 I focused on the ceilings, not many people admire ceilings because they are boring, well not these ceilings. Every room was carved wood this and crown mouldings that.

Without getting too carried away with ceilings, here are some DIY inspirations for Christmas ornaments from the many trees on display.


Shadow boxes made from old Christmas cards and Christmas card boxes. And garlands made from wooden beads and spools of thread.

This tree was from Scouts Canada, they had badges, stars made from photos, garlands made from epaulettes, wooden snowflakes, beaded reindeer heads...

On the Grinch Stole Christmas tree, there were painted light bulb characters heads. Clever.

My favourite was the mini terrariums, inside glass ornaments. This tree was very rustic, with burlap garland, mini moss baskets, and sea shells.
I would like to make mini terrariums, but not so practical with children around, these things absolutely cannot be knocked over. Maybe I'll make these in 15 years.

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