Library Picks & Art

We found some new books at the library.
 Stripy Horse is about colour, Elefante is about an elephant who forgets things, but learns that sometimes it's good to forget. And my favourite, Magritte's Imagination. It's all Magritte paintings turned children's book. 
 We actually saw that painting on the cover of the book in person in Montreal. Our hotel was filled with original art. Low and behold, the original Magritte was in the lobby. When I booked our hotel I knew they had an art collection on display, but I didn't know they had that kind of a collection. My heart skipped a beat when I walked it.
Here's an other one, just hanging around.
Chagall, they had a few of those. 
 Two Sara Morris paintings above the elevator.
Plus many other very famous artists all over the hotel. It was better than an art gallery.
 This is what the outside of the place looks like.
I highly recommend this place, LHotel. Especially if you are an art lover.

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