Our Backyard

Because it's rare to have a nice sunny day in Vancouver. And even more rare for it to be a nice sunny day in November.

We got all bundled up and went hiking, in what I call our backyard.

There are many luxuries of living in Vancouver, and one of them is the proximity to nature.

This is literally someone's backyard, on a mountain.

And only 20 minutes drive from our home.

I got caught up with the fungi.

They were everywhere, if you looked hard enough.

This was my favourite log of our entire hike.

This is precisely the reason why I didn't want to move back to Ontario, and never will. (Sorry Mum and Dad.)

It's logs like that, and trees like this.

It's forests I can explore, and mountains I can climb.

Plus oceans I can smell in the air. 

Yeah, oceans and beaches, we have those too. (Come on Mum and Dad, I know you want to be here too.)
Simply magical.

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