Puffy Paper Star Garland

Puffy paper stars, or lucky paper stars, were the national obsession when I was a kid living in Hong Kong. I made so many of them!

Kids made them, teenagers made them, adults made them. We never did do anything with them other than collect them in glass jars. They are very simple to make, like I said, kids made them. So round up the kids. For instance, if you have 10 kids then you will have 10 stars in less than a minute!

Cut strips of paper, or use plastic ribbon. Lazy me actually used letter size graph paper, there are lines on there already. But you can use any other paper, wrapping paper is great for this. I made two sizes, 3/4" and 1" wide strips. Length of the strips depends on the width. 

22"L x 3/4"W (two strips of letter size)
33"L x 1"W (three strips of letter size)

Start with tying a 'knot', then flatten the knot a little, but don't crease the folds, keep it kinda puffy.

Wrap the end strips around the pentagon as you follow the shape. When one strip is finished tack on another strip. (If your paper is not one big long strip already.)

No glue needed for this, just place the second strip slightly over the first and keep wrapping.

When you are at the end you will have the last bit sticking out.

Tuck the end into the pentagon.

Almost there.

Use finger to poke the sides of the pentagon to make the star. You can also use the edge of your table to do this.

Push in all five edges to create your star.

To make a garland, string stars together with a needle. You can use thread, rope, yarn, ribbon... you get the idea.

There it is, one puffy paper star garland.

 It's not long enough to go around the little tree, need to make more stars.

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