Sans Red & Green

As much as I would like to have my way of everything white - white floors, white couch, white chair, white christmas tree, white stockings... ... I have, instead, succumbed to nature. We are just not of that sort, it is against our inner desires. 

We are a colourful bunch, truly to the core. We like bright and bold, and most of all, we enjoy any and every colour but red and green at Christmas.
Felt letters went on the stockings, now we know which is which, or who's is who's.

When did lions and zebras started showing up at the birth of baby Jesus?
Andrew decided to add animals from Noah's ark to the nativity, one animal per day to see how long it will take me to notice. It took three days, zebra, lion and elephant. He said Noah was going to be next. That would have been interesting, Noah at the birth of baby Jesus.

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