Six Pointed Paper Snowflakes

I have decided that I'm going to bring back all the simple fun things I used to do when I was a kid around Christmas time. This one is great because it involves a sense of mystery. I'm sure we've all made paper snowflakes at one time or another but I will share how I make a six-pointed paper snowflake. 

Six-pointed, or a hexagon, is very important in snowflake making because that is how they are found in nature. Geeky, yes. But it does make them appear more snowflake-like, rather than a square with holes cut out of it.

A real snowflake, photo from here.
Start with a square piece of paper. (I know the paper below is not a square, but that is how you make a square from a rectangle.)

Fold point to opposite point into a triangle.

Fold point to opposite point again, to make a smaller triangle.

Take top piece and fold back, at an angle of 30 degrees, or what I do is estimate, then even it out on the next fold.

Fold back to match the edges, adjust your fold so they are equal.

Flip the whole thing over.

And do the same thing as before to this side.

The folding part is complete, now, draw on your design, or just start cutting free hand. To get a six point snowflake, one edge of your design should be higher than the other.

Snip snip snip away.

This is my favourite part, the unfolding. Because you never know how it's going to turn out.

Here's an other one.

One more.
 This one was more intricate, so I used a craft knife instead of scissors.

I love the giggly feeling I get when I unfold these, the excitement of seeing what they look like.

Other than putting them up on your window or Christmas tree, try sticking them on card stock to make Christmas cards, or use them to decorate presents.
Let it snow(flake).

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