So I did something impulsive

If you don't know what AADD is, you should find out here first before proceeding with this post.
So I did it. I took up a new craft. I watched the video tutorial at Wool and the Gang. This was my first attempt.
A little dicy and kinda ugly. Andrew proudly wears it around his neck because he says it's the only thing anyone has ever knitted for him. I didn't really follow any patterns, I was just trying to make knits and purls with out screwing them up.
The knitting bug bit me when I saw a scarf at Aritzia. It was a chunky knit circle scarf. Darn you Aritzia. Why you have to go charge $75 for a scarf?
Literally the next day, I went to get supplies. Since it was my first attempt, I didn't want to dive into the expensive yarns. So I settled on some chunky acrylic / wool blend. The circle scarf is only less than a quarter done. I'll show you later when it's finished.

Oh, here's an other thing that needs to be finished.
It's also less than a quarter done, my first paint by numbers painting. It's an experiment, to see what it's like to do one of these. 
Unfortunately it's more annoying than it is fun. Because I just want to paint the thing, and not follow all these itty bitty shapes that make my eyes sore. They are soooo tiny! Again, I'll show you when it's finished. But that may be a long time from now.

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