Dining Out: Ulla

We may have a new favourite restaurant on our hands. Sorry RauDZ, it had to happen one day. We will place you in the favourite moderately price category, as for Ulla, it's now a favourite in the higher price category.

It was super dark in there, my only light source for the photos was the rechargeable flameless tea light.
 Therefore I will not make these grainy pictures big.

Perhaps the most interesting dish of the evening, the snails. They didn't even try to make it sound fancy with calling it escargot. They were snails, straight up. And not just any snails, they were wild, then fed on basil for a week. Served with bresaola, panko crumbs, baby arugula, and a basil 'schmear'.
 The snails were completely tasteless, not a trace of basil, but the whole thing was pretty interesting. I haven't had anything weird and crazy like this since, ever. It's not something I would order again, but it was worth the experience.

My favourite of then evening was the lamb special. It came smelling like a good plate of food should. I could bottle it up and sell it. 
 Lamb tenderloin, lamb belly roll with red onion jam, lamb bacon, parsnips, basil dumplings, and the best gnocchi ever. They were light, fluffy, and very potato-ey. I could eat a whole bowl of that, for breakfast.

The squab was the very best also.
 Cooked to a silky tender perfection, the best we've ever had. With brussel sprout leaves, brioche croutons, farrow, and a bunch of other things.

For dessert we had chocolate cake, with rice crispy crunch, dulce de leche cream, and chocolate soil.
 It was a flour-less chocolate cake, more like a truffle chocolate bar. It was rich and creamy.

The other dessert was sous vide apple spheres, genoise cake, green apple sorbet, and vanilla mousse.
What a great combo. When we ordered it we butchered the French, Sous Wide with Gen-noisy cake. Our very low key and friendly waitress let out a high pitched giggle. 

The laid back atmosphere of this place created a very comfortable dining experience. For the price of the food and the creative innovation, it could have gone a very pretentious route. But this is Victoria, after all. Not New York. Therefore, creatively yummy and friendly it will stay, I hope. See you next month, Ulla.

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