Wrongs and Rights

As for the one nap napping switch up, it took a much bigger toll than we had imagined. Sometimes you just have to make a whole lot of wrongs before things will go right.
This morning the little guy was tired, cranky, more than a little emotional, and became a bit of a frantic destroyer. 
I turn my back on him for a minute and he managed to get himself into all sorts of trouble.
Getting stuck between furniture, hitting his giant noggin on hard surfaces, and favourite book ripped.
Nothing a little tape can't fix, but that page will never be the same. So back down he went for a morning nap to patch up that little tired brain of his. Nothing a little nap can't fix, right? But he didn't nap, he simply stayed in his bed awake, whining for an hour and a half. I guess he's become a one napper after all.

Same goes for me trying to master a rick rack knitting stitch. I'm a beginner at the infancy stage when it comes to knitting, so trying to follow the instructions was as complicated as learning to speak a new language. I'm a visual person, therefore the words in the instructions didn't mean a thing.
Look at how ugly it is at the bottom there. There were many many wrongs before it started to look right. And I also figured out something else, I've been doing my purls wrong all this time! They seemed to be extra twisted and I didn't know why. What happens when there's no one to ask. 

What else to do on such a day? Make something that I know will turn out right the first time around. Apple crisp, that's what. Cannot go wrong with that.

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