Dining Out: Deer Garden 鹿園魚湯米線

Living in Vancouver, it's not difficult to find restaurants where I get to feel like I'm transported back to Hong Kong. I don't venture to them very often, mostly because I'm not sure which one to go to, there are SO many. Good thing I have friends who know. Deer Garden is a Hong Kong style cafe featuring noodle soups in fish broth. The best thing about this noodle soup joint is that you get to build your own, choosing from a variety of soup bases, noodle types, and toppings.
It didn't hurt that it was tasty, without the help of MSG, as the menu claims. This is comfort food for me, a good bowl of Hong Kong style noodle soup. We created the following combos:
Chiu Chow style dried fish and minced pork fish soup, vermicelli noodles, home-made cuttlefish balls, beef brisket, and baby bok choy.
Malay laska soup (yellow curry), flat rice noodles, beef tongue, and fish tofu. All noodles bowls come with mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, cilantro and green onions.

Very different combinations, both were deemed to be hearty and delicious. But we knew it was going to be good, because this place was recommended with high praise by real Chinese people, and we had to wait for a table. It's always a good sign of yummy food if you have to wait for a table. 

So if you are not Chinese but are feeling adventurous to have a taste of what everyday Hong Kong food is like, I recommend you go here. They do have English on the menu, but try not to feel annoyed if you have to ask the wait staff for service, that's how it's done back home.

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