Dining Out: Edible Canada

We made a trip to Granville Island for lunch over the weekend.
Believe it or not, we prefer a nice sit down meal when we are out with our kid over food court / cafeteria style dining. It may seem a little backwards, but being in a restaurant feels more relaxing for us parents.

We dined at Edible Canada, where local ingredients are served. Have you ever heard of the 100 mile diet?
Not sure if I can do it, I love chocolate and oranges too much, especially when they are put together.
I love how that boy knows to open his mouth even though he can't see the food coming.

I had the special, Porchetta Hash with all sorts of fancy mushrooms, argula, mustard sauce and the prettiest poached eggs.
Castle had a side of scrambled eggs. (Along with Cheerios, cheddar penguins, and berry apple sauce... ... all found in his 'magic' bag as we were waiting for our food.) We asked for one egg, but it looked like there were three.

He wasn't too sure about the edible flowers on his plate.
Can I really eat that?
I don't think he ate it.
 That hash was super filling, chock full of crunchy pork bits. I could only muster the stomach for half of the bowl. So I ate half of Andrew's corned beef sandwich instead. It was very good, with braised cabbage and crispy onions, plus the outside of the bread was buttered also, that always helps.
The duck fat fries were great with the homemade ketchup and bacon aioli. I would buy that ketchup, it was smokey and earthy, not overly sweet but more on the savoury side, plus you can see the tomatoes. I bet they sell it in their shop, which I forgot to look in after our meal. Duck fat or no duck fat, I couldn't really taste the difference in the fries. Who else thinks McDonald's still has the best fries? I think the magic is in the size of the fry and not the oil, not too thick and not too thin, which yields the perfect ratio of crunch / fluffy potato insides.

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