You'd think that being a SAHM, it wouldn't matter what day it is. But no, I do look forward to Fridays, all the same. We've had a busy week, and I have given up re-drawing the bottom part of our Christmas tree.
Our boy had a super high fever, it was hospital grade but we again decided to stay home. We did the same last time and avoided a sleepless night of waiting. 
The doctor's diagnosis on the next day was an other virus. A rash broke out as we were in the waiting room. Good timing for the doctor to diagnose his illness. He has been extra clingy and crabby, so good thing we have these DVDs.
I have been getting a good share of cuddles, otherwise non existent if he wasn't sick. I'm secretly loving it.
We also broke out the advent calendar.
Lego City advent calendar, of course, thanks to our friends.
The first piece was a crook with an evil grin. I look forward to the other minifigs.
 Our shopping is almost done, just need to do more wrapping. And use up some of our fun tape from Daiso, the Japanese $2 store. All three rolls for $2. I love that place.

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