That doesn't look like gingerbread.
But there it is, in a gingerbread competition.
There must be some gingerbread under there.
That looks better, I see gingerbread.
The Eiffel tower, in gold.
With a boulangerie conveniently located half a step away. C'est magnifique!
How about a snowy village?
I love the amount of billowy icing on those roofs.
 And are those pink snowflakes?
Now for the winner of the grand prize ribbon.
 This sand castle was pure awesomeness.
 The details were just incredible.
I could stare at this thing for hours.
But I won't, because this guy would simply not allow it.
The glass made it difficult to photograph, so if you want to see all these and more in person, go to Laurel Point Inn in Victoria, BC.

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