Making food, the yellow variety

You know Christmas is getting close when there's a noticeable increase in food intake.
Especially for parties and gatherings. Don't hesitate on that fancy cheese, now.
Oh you want me to bring a dessert? Pear flan it is.
It's so easy to make, this pear flan. It gets all puffed up right near the end and as it cools it calms down.
Friends are coming over on a week night? Lets have pasta!
 Again, simple to make, but unlike the pear flan, this one is time consuming. That's why it is worth it to make a big batch and freeze the rest.
 I love looking at the pasta tree when all the noodles are hung.
 A golden waterfall, what a pretty sight.
What's next? A cookie exchange. Well we can not have Christmas without decorated sugar cookies.
Here's how to decorate a fancy star.
 Make lines and dots on the cookie with icing, then use a tooth pick and pull it through the icing to make hearts.
 Put the icing in squeeze bottles to make life easier.
 I just noticed that all of the photos are of yellow things. Flan, pasta and cookies are looking extra yellow due to free range eggs. Some of those yolks crack out orange. They do taste so much better than regular eggs.
Now we give our tiny galley kitchen a rest, until next week.

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