Mini Yarn Ball Snowman

Mini because he is going on the mini tree. But you can make these big too, for a big tree. Or very big, to be a table top decoration.
Super simple to make, this is an other very kid friendly craft. (They will need help with the hot glue part.)
To make mini yarn balls, wrap the yarn around your finger to start it off. Slip it out after a few wraps and keep wrapping until you have the size yarn ball you want.
Use a small dab of hot glue to secure the ends. Glue all three yarn balls together with more dabs of hot glue, and decorate.
Of course, you can be more elaborate than I. A mini top hat made of felt would have been cute.
Tie a yarn around the top of his head and you are done.
He now lives with the puffy paper star garland.

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