Dining Out: Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Oh boy, finally, some real Neapolitan pizza without going to Naples.
We found it at Nicli, in a not so gentrified strip of Gastown.
We drive by this place all the time, and it's busy, full of people, inside the restaurant, outside the restaurant waiting to be inside the restaurant... ... because we usually eat dinner at 5:30pm for our little boy's early bed time needs, it wasn't busy when we went.

We found button holes in the napkins. 

Perhaps this is what they are for?
Nice bib, Andrew.
Anyway, you see that giant white tiled cylinder in the back, that's the pizza oven, where the magic happens. 

And pizzas like this come out of there, this one is a Margherita Pizza with buffalo mozzarella. 
Goodness it was yummy good. If you like Neapolitan pizza, this is the stuff. 

Castle loved this one also. He was happy to munch on the soft tender centre. 
Yummy pizza.

In addition to the above we got the special. We always order the special if there's a special, because it's special! You can always go back to have food on the regular menu, but not the special.
So this 'special' special was a white pizza, garlic, olive oil, chanterelles, shiitake, roasted chestnuts, baby arugula, house made bacon, house made ricotta, and all drizzled with a sticky sweet glaze of some fancy Italian word that I didn't understand, but essentially, reduced port. 

I believe this one was very special, as it was a party in my mouth. The fresh ricotta was so sweet and creamy, and the mushrooms were all tender, browned and roasty. This was truly a good non-traditional pizza. The three of us managed to polish off both pies, sopping up rosemary infused olive oil with the crusts. Their menu is all pizza, with only a few appies and dessert. So don't go unless you are in the mood for pizza, real Neapolitan pizza.

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