No Sew Bow Tie

I would love to have a sewing station, where the machine is all set up ready to go, and all I have to do is sit down to get working. One day. While I'm waiting for that day, I will continue to use double sided tape for small 'sewing' projects. 

Castle needed a bit of flash on his outfit for the annual Christmas Gala that our church puts on. It's a formal event, and we look forward to it each year because we get to see everyone all in one place, plus make ourselves all pretty and dapper! So to add a little shimmer to Castle's outfit, I made a bow tie for him.

Since he is only going wear this once, I figure I can get away with making it without sewing. He's already yanked on the bow tie a few time during the tryout and it has stayed intact.

To make this you will need:
Fabric of your choice (Champagne Satin shown here, to match Daddy's tie)
Double sided tape (1/2" wide)
Woven Elastic Band

Cut fabric to a 5" square.
On the front side of the fabric, line three edges with double sided tape.
Make a roll with the fabric and peel off the top of the tape to stick. Fold the sticky side down to stick to the opposite edge, front of fabric to front, to make a seam. Make sure you roll the correct edge so that it looks like the above, with double sided tape on each end of the tube.
Here comes the only tricky part. Peel off the top of the tape on one end of the tube and tuck the sticky tape edged bit back into the tube, while aligning the long seam in the middle, as above. Press to seal.
Do the same to the other side. Now there's no raw fabric edges showing.
Cut another pice of fabric 2 1/2" X 3", and tape the seam, on the long side, to make a roll as per before. This will be the middle of the bow tie.
Use some double sided tape at the ends to secure the middle piece to the big piece.
Wrap the middle piece around the big piece, with exposed seams at the back, and adjust the shape of the bow tie.
Trim off the excess, and use double sided tape again to secure.
Measure an elastic to go around your little one's neck, and thread it into the back. I actually peeled back the middle part to taped it on for added security. Also, I used a little piece of tape on the raw edge of the middle piece to prevent fraying.
There it is. Andrew couldn't even tell it was put together with tape. Now that he knows I can whip up a bow tie in 10 minutes he said he's going to request them from now on, with funky fabrics and patterns, and matching ones with Castle.
All ready to go.

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