The One to Two Days Scarf

4 more days until Christmas!
More than enough time to finish up this last minute scarf.
It's actually called The Eleventh Hour Scarf. I used a thinner yarn, so I guess mine should be The One to Two Days Scarf. It's difficult to knit with a little one tugging at the scarf/yarn/needles. I usually get about 4 stitches in before something happens.
The general hijinks.
These are his favourite toys of the moment. Anything with buttons. And if they light up, the better.
Now if only I can get him to sit still.
In theory, we would have less fuzzy photos if there was better lighting.
But all he wants to do is play with the light, not sit in front of it.


  1. Hello from Italy!
    I just find your lovely blog!
    Wow, your blackboard crhristmas tree is absolutely adorable.
    Best regards XOXO
    Cata :)


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