Music Score Sheet Wreath

Paper is my favourite crafting medium. It's inexpensive, forgiving, and versatile.

I found the music score book in a thrift store. I felt a little bad about cutting up Tchaikovsky and Beethoven but it's okay if it's for a good cause.

To make this, you will need a practically free DIY square wreath form, and a pile of paper leaves.

How to make a pretty leaf:
Cut on the 'bias' of the page (on an angle) so that the music score is running across the leaf on a diagonal, not strait up and down or straight across. 

Also, score the middle of the leaf with the tip of a scissor in a curve and fold, just like the curvy red line in the middle leaf. You can see the difference between the leaf on the left and on the right. Left leaf, straight fold, blah. Right leaf, curvy fold, pretty! 

Last, cut leaves of different sizes for variety.
Glue leaves with hot glue onto the wreath form.

Glue the second row over lapping the first, covering the not-so-pretty toilet roll.

Keep going gradually around the corner. 

Until about here.
It was at this point that I ran out of leaves and glue.

I needed more leaves than I thought. In total I used about 6 sheets of music.
Make sure to leaf around the tube to hide most of the toilet paper roll. 

On the back of the wreath, glue on something to hang it with. I used a giant paper clip, it was what I had within arms reach. Yikes, the back side is so ugly.

Good thing the front is not.

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