Super exciting

I know I use the word super a lot. That's because I like to get excited about things.
Well, I'm SUPER excited that our boy took his first steps this past weekend. Real walking steps, not the wimpy ones where he goes down to crawling after one or two steps. He's 1.5 years old and this is an epic milestone for him as a preemie, and we are so happy.
He is not up to full-on walking all the time yet but I'm sure he will be very soon. We have to coax him a little and set up some soft landing spots for him to crash into, it's like he needs boards at the staking rink so he can stop. We are not only happy because we are so proud of him, but also because he is so heavy to lug around, we are looking forward to him being able to walk himself. I've experienced weird fuzzy shooting pains up my arm from lifting him, and would like to see that go away. I suspect it's going to be much chasing around once he really gets going, but I'm ready to welcome the change.

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