A $5000 Wedding

It's been over a year since our wedding day and I just realized that I've neglected to share how our wedding turned out - Fantastic!  First off, we want to thank our friend Richard for all of these beautiful photos.  He really made our day.
Andrew and I decided early on that we did not want a large extravagant wedding, it just wasn't us.  To make sure that we (I) didn't get caught up in the whole thing we made a list of must haves and stuck with it.  We decided to only do the things that were important to us and that was what came together.  Since I love to craft, I wanted to have a handmade theme.
  It wasn't our intent to save money by making pretty much everything ourselves, but in the end all the DIYs became our biggest budget slasher. 
I hand sketched our invitations and printed them on mylar.  We folded envelopes using pages of a map book that we found at a library book sale.

I made crepe paper flowers for bouquets and boutonnieres, signs for our sign girls, and folded large origami flowers for the rest of the decor.  I actually had a large crepe paper corsage instead of a bouquet, it was so much easier to lug around since it was already attached to my wrist.  We did not care for a matching bridal party, so everyone just wore what they want.  Ironically they all matched anyway with every shade of purple and lavender.

My dress was found at a liquidation store for a fraction of the price.  My shoes were an accidental find while shopping with my Mom in an Asian clothing store.  Andrew's outfit costed more than mine, which was probably a first for any wedding in history.  I made my headpiece and veil by glueing feathers to a headband.
Our guest book were personalized post cards with our photos on them.  We read a post card every week for the first year of our marriage to remind us of our wedding day.  We got married at the church that we attend.  The ceremony, at 6pm on a Friday, was short and sweet.  Immediately afterwards we had an intimate dinner with 30 family and friends at the Shangri-La Hotel next door.
I made my own wedding cake.  Out of everything, this I would not do again.  In the end it all added up to $6000 because we had two weddings.  You can read about our second one here.