We're Off!

Don't worry, we'll be back before you know it.  
The best part of the wait is knowing that we will have many stories to tell and photos to share when we get back.
Hopefully we will also encounter some good airplane food.  It does exist, you know, even in economy!

Adjustable Bib Clip

I had to make an other bib clip because, well, what if we loose one?
So this time I made some improvements and made it ADJUSTABLE.
Gather the supplies:
Small binder clips
Beads - or Legos with holes, in my case
Fabric Glue
Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 12 inches long.
Thread both ribbons into your chosen bead.  Yellow Lego, in my case.
Take the bottom ribbon ends and thread it through smaller beads.  Gray Legos, in my case.  
Tie knot to secure grey beads.
Take the top ends of the ribbon and loop through binder clips.
Glue ribbon, use binder clips to secure while glue dries.
Adjustable Bib Clip.

last minute craft

This is a guessing game.  Can you guess what this is?
No, it's not a present.  Want a hint?  It's something for Castle to use.
Here's an other hint, this is what it looks like, unrolled.  Any other guesses?
What about now?
Here's what it looks like in action.  It's Castle's disposable travel bib for messy meals!  We are reusing plastic bags from the grocery store.  Shown here with a paper towel on top to absorb all the mess.  I got the inspiration after going to the dentist.  And discovering that disposable bibs sell for almost as much as regular bibs.
If you want to make your own bib clip, here are the simple instructions:
Take a piece of ribbon and measure out 12 inches.
Put the ends through some small binder clips.
Sew / glue the ribbon, 1.5 inches in from the clip.
Gather your used grocery bags.
Et Voila!


Where we will be tomorrow evening!  I'm more than a little giddy.  I'm not going to think about that 14 hour flight.  No, not thinking about it.  14 hours.  With an infant.  Not going to think about it.

Photos from last time, a year and a half ago.


It's gonna be very quiet around here.  We are busy packing and preparing.  2 more sleeps!
Our packing list is long and keeps on grown by the minute.  To trim down our load on toiletries we have decided to only pack one kind of soap - Castle's baby bath.  All three of us will be using that for washing.  Maybe our skin will be magically baby soft after this.


We are praying for Japan today.  It makes me wonder about many different things, such as how my friends in Japan are doing, how much things can change in one day, if the West Coast is ready for something like that, and how much I love Japanese food.

Herb Keeper

There are a few other things we need to get done before we take off next week.  Like go to the library to pick out a good book to bring along, get Castle some rain gear, and eat up all of the perishable food.
Speaking of perishable, I'm sick of herbs wilting in the fridge before I even get to use them.  I gave it some thought and this is what I came up with.  
My fancy Herb Keeper - herbs in a glass with water and a plastic bag covering it, then you put the whole thing in the fridge.  My cilantro stayed crispy fresh for over a week!


This is the beloved wall hanging that I brought back from my trip to South America a few years ago.  I'm not a souvenir collector, I consider my (millions of) photos souvenir enough, but once in a while I like to sneak one in.  Looking at it today reminded me of my solo travels.  As I'm drafting up our packing list for our up coming trip, I'm excited to realize that I have not let my traveling adventurousness fall by the wayside.  And the head lamp that I used to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, will be coming with to China.

Eggs with Toast

Eggs in a basket for breakfast.  I especially love any excuse to butter both sides of my bread.

Cloth Diapering Updated

I didn't know there were so many of you considering cloth diapering!  My post on Cloth Diapering has been updated with your FAQs!  Click here to read more...


Since our baby was a preemie, we were told that it is especially important to get him examined if he is ill to make sure he does not have any serious infections.  This is an account of how we eventually managed to secure a qualified professional to spend 5 minutes with him.

Call one, Me to Pediatrician
Receptionist:  Your pediatrician is very busy, you should call your family doctor.
Me: Our family doctor is not working today, can an other pediatrician at the office see him?
Receptionist:  No, they are very busy too.  
Me: We were told by our Pediatrician that he must be examined if he is sick.
Receptionist: Okay, I will squeeze you in at 12:30, tomorrow.

Call two, Pediatrician to Me, the next day
Receptionist: Your pediatrician is sick today, your appointment has been canceled.
Me: Can an other pediatrician at the office see him?
Receptionist: No, I have already over booked, she will not be happy about it when she comes in.  Call your family doctor.

Call three, Me to Family Doctor
Me: I would like to make an appointment.
Doctor who works with our Family doctor: Your family doctor is not in today.
Me: Can I make an appointment for when she is in?
Doctor who works with our Family doctor: Well unfortunately I'm not the receptionist so I don't make appointments.  Call back tomorrow.

Call four, Me to Andrew's family doctor
Us: I would like to make an appointment for today.
Receptionist: Oh, your family doctor is already seeing his last patient of the day.
Us: What?!  IT'S 11 AM!
Receptionist: I can make you an appointment for tomorrow?

Call five, Me to Pediatrician, referred by our friend
Me: I would like to make an appointment for today.
Receptionist: Have you been here before?
Me: No.
Receptionist: Do you have a referral from your family doctor?
Me: No. (And we explain our situation, preemie, no doctor, blah blah blah)
Receptionist: Sorry, you must have a referral from your family doctor.

We decided to take our sick baby to a walk in clinic, the only walk in clinic within 5000km that has a pediatrician standing by.  We waited for THREE HOURS.  Three hours and 5 minutes later we walk out of there exhausted.  And of course, Castle is fine.  What else could there be?


This one is for Patricia, who calls me at random to ask me cooking questions.  I love her and I love it that she does.  For once and for all, after all the misguided instructions I've rambled into the phone in my dazed and confused Mommy state, this is how you achieve scrumptious Pan Roasted Cauliflower.
Cut cauliflower into pieces. 
Heat up pan on medium high heat with olive oil.
Place cauliflower pieces in pan cut side down, in one layer.  Do not over crowd the pan.
Sprinkle salt on cauliflower pieces.
Let them sit there, do not touch, toss, fiddle with them for 5 minutes.
Once you start smelling that lovely toasty flavour, they are browned and ready to flip.
Cook on the other side until browned also.
Take them out of the pan when they are still crunchy.
Eat your cauliflower, serve to those who don't like cauliflower to convert them.


The boys have caught whatever is going around.  
Me thinks they partied too hard.
I'm looking forward to them being back to their normal selves, un-sick.
And Happy 3rd Birthday, Tegan!
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