Our Tree is Up

We are going with 2D trees this year. For one we don't own a big artificial tree, two we don't have room for a big tree, three Castle will just topple/eat the tree, four we've never had a 2D tree so it would be interesting to give it a try. And where better to put a 2D tree than on our chalkboard wall!
There it is, my shamelessly copied Scandinavian Christmas tree. I got the 'idea' when I searched around for inspirations of a good tree to draw, and found this:
It's a wall hanging painted on fabric from here
See, total copy, didn't even try to be different because I love it so much just the way it is. Castle loves to touch it so it's been smeared a few times already, which is okay because I draw something different back on each time, so it's kind of a dynamic ever changing Christmas tree. Only at the bottom though.
There's also a couple of 2D trees on our wall unit as well.
The glossy doors turned out to be a great upgrade decision, because I can use little suction cups on it to hang things. For instance, Christmas ornaments. I made these felt ornaments when I was a teenager.
Here's the other little one.
I'm pretty happy with the decorating progress so far. No lights yet, maybe next week.