I Have Nothing to Wear!

We had a wedding to go to, and I was hoping that one of my many party dresses could contain this 24 week pregnant belly of mine.
Because we haven't been home due to the whole bathroom thing (see previous post), I waited until the last minute to try on dresses in my closet. Most of them I couldn't even get on, in the end only one really worked, but it was a short dress made of super thin silk which meant I would have been freezing in this mid October rain. (Oh yeah, it finally started to rain pour cats and dogs in Vancouver.)
 I have NOTHING to wear! What to do what to do? I have seen these what seems to be super easy tutorials online for the 'infinity dress' last year, and have always wanted to make one. Well here's my chance!
The only problem... ...I had only one afternoon to accomplish the task. 
Challenge accepted!

So on the day that we moved back home, on the day that I said hello to my sewing machine again, the day before the wedding, I made a dress! And as promised by the tutorials, it only took 2-3 hours to complete. And one other great thing, I only spent $12 on fabric.
I love this dress, it's super comfortable, and I can wear it again after baby. I may make some more in different lengths and colours.

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  1. What a beautiful dress on you...and to whip it up last minute- you win!

    mama to 8
    One homemade and 7 adopted


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