A (Non) Birth Story: What? I get to go home?!

So here's something amazing, I'M HOME! My doctors let me go home yesterday because I have been stable for a couple of weeks now, with no contractions, no water breaking, no fluid leaking, no cramps, no fever. I'm still 3cm dilated and is beyond the threshold to qualify for antepartum home care, but they sent me home anyway. I was in shock when they told me, "Let's try to get you home." What? Didn't you say a few days ago that I won't get going home until this baby comes out? Didn't you say that I'm too dilated to be sent home? Didn't you say that I'm too high risk of a patient to continue this pregnancy at home? Well I guess I should forget all those things that were said. Because here I am, at home! Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! Our prayers were heard and answered! Isn't that amazing?!
 I'm still on partial bed rest, which means no walking around for more than 10 minutes a few times a day. But it's much better to be confined to my home than a hospital. I get to see Andrew and Castle for more than an hour a day, and Andrew doesn't have to wrap his own Christmas present anymore. I made it home in time to start our LEGO advent calendar. (Yes, it says 2011 because we bought it on sale boxing day last year and stashed it until now.) And I'm allowed to sit up so Castle and I can make the gingerbread train that one of my lovely friends gave us. She knew how much I would miss making gingerbread.
I'm so thrilled to be home! It was such a joy last night to watch Castle make a LEGO tower all on his own and watch him have a bath - the little things you miss. Now my challenge is to adhere to bed rest. Because I know I will be so tempted to do stuff, especially in December. I just need to remember that I'm (not) doing this for baby. The less stuff I do, the better the chance this kid will stay inside of me until full term. And that's what we are aiming for.

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