Christmas Tree Hunting

It was a breath of fresh air, and felt like I was a foreigner. After three weeks of hospital, I was in the outside world! I used my allowed 10 minutes of walking around time at the garden centre to pick out our Christmas tree.
 First there was a detour when we saw this fairy garden.
 It was cute beyond words.
 And then I fell in love with these mini hanging terrariums.
 Especially with them displayed on bare branches like this.
Before we got too distracted and used up my 10 minutes, we headed straight towards the potted evergreens. Potted because we are hoping that we can keep this tree on our balcony once Christmas is over. And the strata bylaw of our condo says we are not allowed live Christmas trees, but it didn't say anything about potted plants! We were told that the potted evergreens don't do so well staying in pots for a long period of time, because they just want to keep growing, but if we are not planning on keeping it long term, it should be fine for 3 to 4 years.
 We were looking for something different and unique, Andrew and I both agreed that we are probably the only people looking for a crooked and awkward looking tree. We really loved this tall skinny spruce with curves in the trunk, but it was way too big for us, so we went with a mini 3' tall blue spruce, hoping that it will grow not too big on us. Photos to come once it's all repotted and decorated!

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