Earning our green thumbs

This is how we planted our container garden.
We started with an Earth Box. These are not just any old box planters, I deem them to be 'fancy' container gardens. These containers have a mesh screen at the bottom for drainage, and a pipe on the side to water in. We wanted to start off on the right foot, you know, anything to make it fool proof. 
Here's what went down:
Put mesh screen in the bottom, pack soil into pockets in the corners, and fill potting soil to half way.
Sprinkle thin layer of dolomite.
Fill with more soil to the very top.
Make trough down the middle.
Fill trough with fertilizer.
Cover trough with more soil.
Cover with included plastic mulch.
Cut holes where we wanted plants to be inserted.
Dig holes in soil and insert plants.
Add water into pipe until there is over flow coming out of the drain hole.

Now we will wait to see if we did our planting correctly. Grandmas and Grandpas, did we do it right? They all have very green thumbs. We did buy veggies that are appropriate for early planting, meaning cold resistant. The tomatoes will need to stay in their incubator for a while longer.