You know what's fun?

This is fun:
 Playing in the park.
 Helping friends move.
It was fun.


Things are going well.
 The tomato plants have tripled in size. 
 The veggies are blooming, literally. See the bitty yellow flowers on the left.
And this is what we are going to have for dinner, gigantic globe artichokes. (Not from our garden.) They came from the market on very long stems, looking like maracas. Happy Friday.


The rain has stopped for now. Thank goodness, because we got drenched walking to school this morning.
It was our first time at school. All this time I didn't know there was school for my boy. Why did it take me so long to figure it out?

His big tummy, it gets in the way sometimes.
Well if you are just like me, you live in BC and had no idea that there's free school everyday for kiddies newborn to five years old, here it is. Castle was hesitant at first, but by the end of it he had so much fun he didn't want to leave. He threw a hissy fit and it took me four tries to get him back into the stroller for our walk home.

From Us Guys

My birthday card from the boys.
Castle's gift to me? Being a very good boy during our 7 course dinner. I had an inkling that the restaurant would not have highchairs or boosters. No of course they did not. Castle was not the type of clientele they were trying attract. They need to try harder because at the table next to us was another toddler, also out with mom and dad for a birthday dinner of 7 courses. Ha ha! There are more of us! Us as in those (annoying) people who bring their toddlers to fine dining establishments. 
Castle ate so much we had to ask the kitchen to give us more food during our 'family style' meal. (Now why would they use the words 'served family style' and not have highchairs or boosters?) This evening both kiddies proved everyone wrong, they were simply angelic. The food was divine, from smoked trout to chicken liver to lamb, and Castle ate everything, whatever the chef decided to put out in front of us. Thank you, Castle, for being a part of our family, it wouldn't be a family style dinner without you.


We found some fun foot stools. These guys are made from scraps of leather left over from sofa manufacturing. I can't decided which one I like better.
 We drove past some snow capped peaks.
 This house made us stop the car.
Enjoyed some sunshine by a glacier fed lake. 
 Took one of these guys home. (The medium size one.) Looks so great with a tea light candle flickering inside.
 Bought one of these wind mills for grandma, made of coconut.
 Strolled through a vine-y garden.
 Read books at the library with is bud.
 Had dinner at a restaurant where there's still dinner AND dancing, to a live band, every single night.
It felt like we were transported back in time.

Odd Morning

Sometimes, waking up is hard to do.
Sorry baby for waking you up so early.
It's usually the other way around. Actually, it is always the other way around.
Odd mornings around here are when we have to wake him up.

OCD update

Back to that OCD thing, where the C stands for Crafting, it's coming along, no?
 I have switched my colour scheme.
I'm taking cues from the latest spring trends.
Slowly but surely, it's coming along. I think by the time I'm done making whatever this is going to be the pink with grellow (green-yellow) thing will be 'so last year'. I should hurry it up.

Earning our green thumbs

This is how we planted our container garden.
We started with an Earth Box. These are not just any old box planters, I deem them to be 'fancy' container gardens. These containers have a mesh screen at the bottom for drainage, and a pipe on the side to water in. We wanted to start off on the right foot, you know, anything to make it fool proof. 
Here's what went down:
Put mesh screen in the bottom, pack soil into pockets in the corners, and fill potting soil to half way.
Sprinkle thin layer of dolomite.
Fill with more soil to the very top.
Make trough down the middle.
Fill trough with fertilizer.
Cover trough with more soil.
Cover with included plastic mulch.
Cut holes where we wanted plants to be inserted.
Dig holes in soil and insert plants.
Add water into pipe until there is over flow coming out of the drain hole.

Now we will wait to see if we did our planting correctly. Grandmas and Grandpas, did we do it right? They all have very green thumbs. We did buy veggies that are appropriate for early planting, meaning cold resistant. The tomatoes will need to stay in their incubator for a while longer.


There was high tea with the girls, and the opening of our local LEGO store.
 Dining with a view on Granville Island.
 A snowshoe hike on a butt kicking trail up a mountain.
 A mountain with great views as the clouds cleared.
Planted our first veggie box with butter lettuce and asian greens.
 A visit to the Vancouver Aquarium.
And a stroll in the park in search of beautiful blossoms.
All in all a very full weekend. How I love Vancouver in the spring time.

How to truly unwind

To truly unwind, we went here:
We as in my Mom and I, and here as in Sunshine Coast of BC.
 To get there we had to take a ferry.
 We lucky ducks stayed in a fancy tent built on the rocks right by the ocean.
 The weather kindly cooperated.
The view from our porch was spectacular.
It was just about the most relaxing three days I've ever had.
 Not to mention much needed girl time with my Mom.
 We walked along the rocky shore, got massages, and had very yummy food.
The rest of the time we hung out in our amazing tent, lounging around.
How could you not just want to stay here forever?!
 Absolutely, noting could have been better.
Thanks, Mom, for coming all the way out west for some fantastic girl time. Now I must stop blogging to drive her to the airport. Time flies when you are having fun.

Itty Bitty

The tomato seeds have sprouted!
 Looks giant in this picture, but it's only itty bitty.
 See, itty bitty and so fragile...

Three days later, still little, but looking good.
 We planted two seeds in each. Today I plucked out the weaker one of the two in each puck.
Some of the pucks are still 'empty'.
I'll give those a couple more days, if nothing shows up then they will go bye-bye. We really only need one of each plant. Who wants some tomatoes for their garden? Let me know!
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