Happy Birthday Boys

This little boy of ours turned two today.
We had a party to celebrate. Along with Daddy, and Grandpa's birthdays, because they all happen on the same week.
As a surprise, Andrew received his ultimate birthday present from all of his friends and family.
It's hard to tell how excited he actually is. Because his super excited face is the same as his slightly bored face. I have to admit, it is more fun to surprise people who are more expressive than he.
He couldn't wait to get started. This project may take a few weeks. After all, it is the biggest LEGO set they sell.

Lets Hear It for the Boys!

It's time.
The birthday boys are excited.
Birthday week has befall upon us and we are getting ready.
 To start, a word banner made out of LEGO pages went up. These have now become the unofficial official decorations around here. To make: cut out letters, tape onto string at the top, and hang.
 Castle keeps wanting us to lift him up so he can inspect it at a closer distance.
Maybe I should make a smaller one at his height for his room. Maybe, maybe next year.

Glad Midsommar!

 At the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival.
A Lefse reminder.
 A Viking Village to explore.
This time, we made it for the midsummer maypole ceremony, the boys danced around the maypole as per tradition with the others.
 They do have Norwegian in their blood.
Which means I actually have a good excuse to go to this event now - not that it stopped me before. I do have a weird obsession with all things Sweden.

Happy Birthday Husband

To my Husband:
 There will always be strawberries and ice-cream.
 You are much loved and appreciated by all. Happy Birthday!
(Snippets from this weekend of the birthday boy with the other soon to be birthday boy.)

We've missed you

To say that people in Vancouver are vitamin D deprived is an understatement.
Why do we live here? It rains ALL THE TIME.
 But not today! YAY! SUNSHINE! And blue sky! We haven't seen or felt the warm of the sun in a very long time.
 Finally. Our plants may survive "Junuary" after all.
Another cake in the works. I'm hoping that the rain will hold off on the day I deliver this one.

Happy Wedding Day

On this one and only gorgeous sunny day, I have the privilege of witnessing a much anticipated and joyous event. The love birds, Rob and Janice, are getting married! I'm very honoured to have them as friends and to present to them their lovely cake.

This cake was inspired by Philip Treacy fascinators and an art deco lamp.
Happy Wedding!!!


So this is what happens when one is not paying attention to what one is doing when making white chocolate ganache.
One will waste $25 of really good Callebaut white chocolate. It got too hot and the chocolate separated into a grainy soupy mess. Unfortunately it cannot be salvaged. Time to get more chocolate and start over. 
Maybe I'll take a nap first.


This little yellow fire truck came with a tiny button that said 'push here'.
We pushed it and little truck lit up, but what came next was the loudest, most piercing noise we have ever encounter on any toy. It was literally as if a fire truck was in our living room. Needless to say I took the batteries out. Castle was not happy, for about two minutes.
More veggies went into the garden, this time we have swiss chard and kale. The red swiss chard even had red roots.
Oh yes, and I'm busy working on a something.
I'm so excited for my friends who are getting married!!!

First Fruits

Castle tripped and fell, in the middle of his sobbing and crying on the ground he started to deliberately dump water out of his sippy cup - something that he had already been sent to his naughty corner for earlier in the morning. At that moment I had a dilemma, do I console him or discipline him? Well I ended up doing both at the same time, I'm not sure he understood it, nor I, now that I think about it.

In other news...
First tomatoes from our garden. Still green but boy do I like looking at them. I call this a first time garden success. I would like to say the same for our herbs. They are, em, slowing dying. We are not sure why. Same kind of container, same soil, same water, same everything. Any ideas?

As Seen On...

I saw a pin on Pinterest about Nutella cookies. And all it said in the description was 1 cup of Nutella, 1 egg, and 1 cup of flour. Bake at 350C for 7-8 minutes.
I could do that right now! I thought to myself.
I didn't expect much from this experiment. I mean, come on, that's it? Three ingredients? But they came out more than alright, mimicking a gooey two bite brownie. Probably the easiest cookie I've ever made. It did not however take 6-8 minutes, it was more like 12-15 minutes. I discovered why that was after reading the real instructions. I did not make them flat before baking. I will however add a bit of salt next time. And experiment with some baking soda to make the cookies spread, and some added sugar for more chewiness.

Warning Sign

This morning, I put my dirty tea cup back in the cupboard.
Vancouver Central Library
 I saw it as a warning sign.
The Empress Hotel, Victoria
 Because the last time when my day started off similar, I ended up at emergency before lunch time rolled around.
Bard & Banker, Victoria
So to be safe, it's going to be a slow moving, low key kind of day.
Reading at the library.


Oh boy, where do I begin?
 There was babysitting for a friend.
 The homeschooling convention.
 The Vancouver International Children's Festival on Granville Island.
And last but not least, the Richmond Night Market.
 Where you feel like you are in Asia.
 With rows upon rows of tent shops.
There are food stalls where you can get all sorts of meat on a stick, a burger with with a bun made of rice, and hotdog covered with french fries. 
We had a jumbo mango bubble tea with jellies, meat skewers, curry fish balls, and grilled squid. Now I need to go eat some vegetables.

Dear Liz

I do feel it is my duty to express my congratulatory sentiments.
 After all I was born in a British colony. 
 And growing up we had all sorts of British influences, street names, holidays, and celebrations.
We drank copious amounts of tea and even had a toast rack. (It's a rack to stand your toasts up as they cool so they don't get soggy from the condensation when lying flat on a plate.)
  So here's to you, Your Majesty, 60 years on the job! Wow, what dedication.
 I hope you will have a fantastic time celebrating. 
I can only imagine what that town is going to be like.
 I wish you good health and happiness.
 Say hello to Wills and Kate for me.
(Photos from my trip to London, many years ago. The last one is the restaurant where I had fish and chips.)

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