Our bathroom as of this morning:
And the reason for us being MIA again is that we have been relocated to a temporary home with this as our view:
Make sure you have home owner's insurance! Because all of your expenses will be covered.
Also what's new:
A LEGO guitar.
Castle is loving that thing. He asks for music and dances around jamming on it.

The Bad News and the Good News

We are MIA. Something's up.
Here's the scoop. First the bad news, our bathroom, the one and only bathroom, was flooded while we were away. The plumber made a big oopsie while trying to unclog the bathtub above us. What resulted was us coming home to this:
 Not only did it do damage to our bathroom, but also to two other units below us. Our neighbour from downstairs recalled it as hearing a giant waterfall flowing through his bathroom.
The contractor tried to dry out the walls with an industrial fan and humidifier, but after 4 days of that the wall cavity was still wet, especially the one with insulation. The vinyl floor is bubbling, so that needs to come out for sure. But even more so because the original vinyl was still underneath, and after a lab test, it came back positive for asbestos.

The good news, we are getting a new bathroom! 
Partially covered by insurance, as we will want to include a few upgrades. Like changing out that beige tub and toilet. We were not too fond of this bathroom to begin with, although the previous owner did a good job at changing up the vanity doors and counter, but the beige 80's 4x4 tile, the matching beige tub and toilet can go. It would have been so weird to have brand spanking new tiles against an old rusty beige tub. Since the crew is starting demo next week, we've been running around like chickens with our heads chopped off shopping for all things bathroom. Not exactly the way I wanted to redo our bathroom, making decisions within such a short time frame and only choosing things that are in stock. But that's okay, this is not our dream home.
One last look, bye bye old bathroom.

Beach and Dining Out: Taco Shack

After a morning at the beach, we went on a hut for the best fish tacos in town.
 And I think we've found them.
 We didn't go as far as Huntington Beach. Although that would have been fun.
 The best fish tacos can be found at the Taco Shack, on Cornwall Ave in Kitsilano.
We've been here a few times now, and after trying a few restaurants and taco trucks around town, we have concluded that this is the best. We like them because of the fresh corn tortillas, the well seasoned fish, and all the yummy fresh toppings. We like to eat them with everything on it. The quesadilla was awesome too, a very big portion chock full of fresh yummy goodness. We had to stop Castle from eating too much. That little boy ate raw onions, shhhhh, don't tell him.

UPDATE: this place is no longer in business. boo!

Dining Out: Ulla (Take 3)

No, we are not getting sick of Ulla yet.
quail breast and leg, barley with candied lemon, coco nibs, mint puree, pickled rhubarb
I don't think it's possible.
park loin, sausage, potato roesti, green beans, radishes, peas, green apple herb mustard sauce
 It's our third time dining here in less than a year, and we've never been disappointed. For our previous visits: Ulla, and Ulla (Take 2).
dry aged grass fed striploin steak, new potato coins, potato puree, bacon, tomatoes three ways, arugula, pecorino cheese, balsamic olive oil jus
We are now on a mission to try everything on the menu.
baba, creme fraiche ice cream, blackberries, poached apricots and cherries, lemon sabayon
Unfortunately we are not sure when we will be back in Victoria, because I need something to look forward to.

Good Times

It was a fantastic week.
 We did a whole lot of hanging out on the dock.
 We went to the park and found this guy.
 He was munching, right beside the petting zoo.
Castle did much better with the goats this time around.
 He was at least willing to go near them.
 The weather was perfect, and we did lots of swimming.
 Castle was just about ready to jump in every time we were on the dock, we had to hold him back at times.
 The bump is showing a bit now, but don't think I'm past that awkward stage where I look like I've been eating too much.


It's Summer, and it's nice out, therefore we are having fun, away from the computer, again.
Here are two photos to keep you entertained until I turn my computer back on again.
What Castle likes to do with his play forks from his play kitchen.

Hello Second Trimester

It's officially here, second trimester. I was a little anxious two weeks ago and just told myself that first trimester was over and done with in an effort to keep my mind off the nausea and such. I still can't change a poop-y diaper without throwing up or brush my teeth without gagging. The teeth brushing thing, it's the worst, I can't not brush my teeth for nine months now, or can I? Suck it up and brush, I say to self.
This is how I extend the life of my regular clothes - hair elastic and long loose tops are my friends in the closet. Loop the elastic through the button hole, and thread it through the other loop of the elastic as many times as you need to adjust the length for your belly size, and secure around button. Wear a long top to cover it all up and voila. I'm so thankful that long flowing tops are still in, which means many many fashion options without shopping in the maternity section. Nice.

On to other things, this is what happened last night to Castle in his sleep.
He must have fallen out or climbed out and was playing and got tired. He was sound asleep and he stayed asleep when we moved him back into bed.

Dining Out: Thomas Haas and Tacofino

Recently we had the best sandwich and the best fish taco. 
Well, probably not the best-best as in the best in the world but they were both pretty good.
The sandwich was found at Thomas Haas, not a place known for sandwiches, maybe a chocolate sandwich if they ever made one, but it was rather scrumptious. The sandwich contained roasted duck breast, oranges, black olive mayo, and watercress on an olive baguette. The skin on the duck was still crispy, so so so delicious.
 The fish taco was found at Tacofino. Tempura battered ling cod piled with mayo-y cabbage and pico de gallo. Sorry, can't see much of the fish here. All hidden underneath that pile of veg.
What would have put it over the top would be if they served it on a fresh corn tortilla instead of a flour tortilla. A corn tortilla always tastes better. None the less, it was messy good grub.
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