A (Non) Birth Story: Bed Rest

Considering all that has happened and with way things are going, we were of course not surprised with yet an other twist in baby No.2's journey. Only this time it's not me or the baby, but it does have quite the impact.

The nanny that we hired, who is a lovely person by the way, did not last long. (Thank you all for your prayers for us to find this nanny!) Our lovely nanny unfortunately got into a serious car accident and is in the hospital indefinitely. I feel so so awful, because she will now spend Christmas in a hospital. We are praying that she is on the mend.

On the home front, we are making do. I'm trying my best not to do things to put myself into labour. This is what it looks like when one is on bed rest and entertaining a toddler:
 A mattress on the floor for me, so I can play with my boy. And sorry for not changing your diaper, Castle, because most of the time I need to pin you down, you like to move around and not lie still. I would rather you leak than me go into labour. Priorities. You will have to wait until Daddy comes home from work.
 We have activity stations set up so he can move from one thing to the other when he gets bored. Today he kept on asking me, "Mommy stand up, sing!" No can do sweetheart.
Castle made a card for our nanny. We found my old sticker book - can't believe I still have that thing - and let him go to town with it. He has made 8 cards so far.
It's been trying times, but we will get through this, not a huge deal really compared to all the other things that are going on in the world. I'm thankful that I'm home, and can spend time with the people that I love.

A (Non) Birth Story: 32 Weeks, A Milestone

This is what I was aiming for four weeks ago, 32 weeks. Reaching 32 weeks is an important milestone when it comes to preterm labour. Incidences of complications are significantly reduced, most babies' lungs are good to go, producing surfactant, which means no need for respiratory support, and they've also gained some fat. If I went into labour today, this baby will not require to be hospitalized in a Level 3 NICU. No need for us to trek to the special hospital, I can give birth at the hospital where my obstetrician practices.
One of my doctors told me that if I reach 32 weeks, the chances of my baby 'slipping' out will be significantly reduced. Ummm, I wouldn't quite call it 'slipping' out. I do recall all that pushing when I had Castle at 30 weeks. 
The other goal to reach now is 34 weeks, and then 37, which is full term. When we saw my obstetrician last week, she so very kindly congratulated us on not having a baby. She also joked that it would be ironic if this baby comes late, after all this. I laughed and said that would be so cruel and mean. The scenario has crossed my mind, that's why I'm planning on throwing out my bottle of progesterone (a hormone therapy that prevents preterm labour) and going off partial bed rest once I hit 36 weeks.