Three Little Pigs Project

Hi Friends, we are so excited about our little project and can't wait any longer to reveal what we've been cooking up! 
We have started a fundraising endeavour called the Three Little Pigs Project!
During thanksgiving weekend, Castle was looking through the World Vision Gift Guide catalogue. In the past years we have donated goats through World Vision. He fell in love with the page of piglets and said he would like to give three little pigs to a family in need this Christmas.
Pigs are a great source of income and food for people who live in developing countries. They can raise pigs to sell at market, and can help a family break the cycle of poverty.
Castle is raising the money to donate the pigs by making paintings to sell on Etsy.
Castle starts off the painting with watercolour, then I finish them off with pen and ink. I look at his blotches and splotches and try to find a shape that resembles something.
Each is one of a kind. 100% of all proceeds will go to charity! We hope you can help him reach his goal! 
P.S. The paintings make great Christmas gifts. :)
Visit the Three Little Pigs Project Store now to start shopping!
And feel free to share the link to our store with your best buds. More drawings will be added in the days to come, so visit often!

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  1. i love this so much! ive been doing scribble drawings with markers with friends for years. watercolors is a great idea!!


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