gingerbread boathouse, pre-shenanigans

I had been sick for over a month and a half, and it was getting down to the wire. We had less than a week before we head out to our families for Christmas and our gingerbread house was still dancing in my dreams. Last year, I was pregnant and on bed rest with Atlas so I didn't get to make one. This year I was determined.
So with all the self motivation I could muster I hunkered down in front of the computer and drafted up the plans. We don't do gingerbread house kits around here.
I boiled a big pan of sugar and corn syrup to make the windows and the base, it's a gingerbread boathouse, so it sits on water, sugar water.
 I printed off the templates on yellow card stock that was leftover from our DIY wedding invites 4 years ago. I keep using that yellow card stock but there's still more of that stuff, how much did we buy?!
And couple of nights ago, at 9pm, I started baking.
I shouldn't have started at 9pm. I estimated that it was going to be done in 2 hours.
But in reality it was 4 hours. And that was just the baking part.
 There were many pieces, too many pieces.
 Andrew, my encouraging husband, stayed up with me.
 "This is crazy," I kept telling him. "I'm so tired."
"No, it's great," he replied.
I'm glad I have a husband who is just as crazy as I am.
It's been two days of decorating, and if it was up to me, I would stop here. But this gingerbread boathouse is not complete, no not yet. 
We need a boat, and some gingerbread men scattered here and there, up to their shenanigans. I was standing over the creation, staring at it, trying to decide where the boat should go, and Andrew said, "you don't want to put those gingerbread guys on there do you? You think it's going to ruin all that pristine calmness." He read my mind. 
"I better take photos before they go in," I replied. You know, to capture it before it all gets ruined better.

Our gingerbread village from a few years back can be seen here. There are many gingerbread guys up to plenty of shenanigans on that one.


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