A (Non) Birth Story: For Real This Time

Dear Baby,
Mommy's labour and delivery went by so fast, it was exactly as she was expecting. She had been on bed rest because you tried to come out at 28 weeks. Already 3cm dilated since then, all the doctors and nurses told Mommy that if anything happens, she needed to get herself to a hospital as quick possible.
On the early evening of January 3rd, Mommy was lying on the couch watching your big brother play, and Daddy was just about to start making dinner. Suddenly Mommy felt a really strong sharp pain and felt her water break. It was trickling and she immediately knew she had to get to the hospital, fast! We called Auntie Chelle to come take care of your big brother Castle as she was just visiting. 
Mommy felt her first contractions within minutes. The first one was strong, then the second one was even stronger. She knew she didn't have much time. Daddy drove through rush hour traffic as best as he can to the hospital, luckily we were going against traffic and it wasn't busy because it was still during Christmas break. Mommy and Daddy prayed the entire way there because Mommy's contractions were very strong and coming less than a minute apart. They were so strong that Mommy felt the urge to push. She was trying to hold you in but that just made them hurt more. You wanted to come out and we weren't at the hospital yet! 
Good thing Mommy still had her rental wheelchair in the back of the car, Daddy wheeled Mommy up to the maternity ward, waiting for the elevator felt like it took forever. The other thing that took forever was being admitted, Mommy had two very strong contractions while she was waiting, they were unbearable. A nurse wanted to wheel Mommy into an observation room, Mommy said no need for that because you are coming out, NOW! 
Mommy wanted to push you out the entire time she was waiting for the doctors and nurses to get set up in the delivery room. They weren't ready but she pushed anyway. Mommy felt much better after she started pushing. The doctors and nurses did a great job taking care of you and Mommy despite all the commotion. The doctor said to Mommy, "You are not kidding around when you said you are gonna have a baby, aren't you?!" Mommy even had bloodwork drawn while she was pushing. 
From the time mommy and daddy arrived at the hospital parking lot to the time she was holding you, it was only half an hour. There were no complications during the delivery nor did Mommy require any stitches. The doctors said Mommy can come back anytime to have babies at that hospital because the doctors didn't need to do much.
You were born on January 3rd at 6:07pm. You weighed 5lbs 6oz and you were a month early at 35 weeks gestation. Right after you were born, you laboured a little in your breathing, the paediatrician thought it would be best for you to go to NICU so they can keep an eye on you more closely. Over night you did well breathing on your own and you were feeding well too. You spent one night in NICU but you came back to stay with Mommy in her room the next day. 
You were tested for jaundice and sure enough, just like your brother, you needed phototherapy. You also lost a lot of weight in the first two days because you were not eating enough. Mommy tried her best to fatten you up, and she stayed with you in the hospital until your phototherapy was finished. So after 4 days, we all went home! We were so excited because not all babies born this early get to go home so soon. And just in time too because Mommy was getting very sick of hospitals and she missed your Daddy and brother Castle so much.
You are a wonderful precious healthy baby, and everyone is so thankful that you did stay inside of Mommy for as long as you did. Most of all we finally got to confirm that you are a BOY!  Happy BIRTH DAY to you, Atlas.