our tree is up - 2014 edition

i had a hard time deciding what to make for this year's tree. but when i found black mini lights at ikea (thank you ikea for making black mini lights!) i knew i had to draw my favourite real christmas tree. if i was to ever choose a real tree, i want a silver tip fir. i know there's a silver tip farm way out by yosemite national park, a wee bit of a long drive from vancouver to get a christmas tree, not to mention they probably won't let me bring in back across the boarder. so if you know where i can find a silver tip fir in the greater vancouver area please let me know!
for now, i'll just draw one.
Our chalkboard Christmas tree this year:
 i drew it after the kids went to bed, not to surprise them but because i know it's going to be smudged / destroyed by end of day tomorrow. i've got my eye on the one year old.
the black mini lights are held on there with black masking tape - leftover from my archi-tourture school days. i can't believe it but that roll of tape is over 10 years old!

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