hand lettering

if you follow me on instagram, you will already know that i've been hand lettering and calligraphing up a storm. i can't believe i only started learning how to do this a year ago. i had the privilege of doing some lettering for our church. i did the lettering and the amazing design team at church did the rest of the hard work - laying it all out, designing banners posters newspaper ads you name it! little did i know where it was all going to end up! it's been a wonderful blessing to be able to use my gifts and talents to serve. this is my ultimate form of worship, God is the one who put this ability inside of me in the first place. and i'm constantly in shock seeing my hand writing blown up so big! our float in the vancouver santa claus parade was the best ever! even without the hand lettering, it was easily one of the best in the entire parade! thank you to the awesome team at coastal church for putting it all together.
if you live in the vacouver area you are not going to want to miss our church's christmas 'production' at the queen elizabeth theatre. sat dec 20 evening or sun dec 21 morning. it's free! go get tickets here!

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